WTCN’s NewsCenter 11 Weekend Edition of the 10pm news from November 8, 1980. California Earthquakes, trouble at the Chick A Dee bar on 2007 Emerson Ave, fire on 1115 West 31st St, stabbing at Curly’s Cafe 1540 East Lake St, contaminated drinking water in Oakdale, Vietnam immigrant Chip Velek, and Gopher football are some of the stories in this almost full broadcast anchored by Dennis Bounds (later of KSTP and now KING-TV in Seattle), Bill Peterson, and Steve Pascente. Also commercials for the ill fated FTC Executive Air Charter, Dayton’s, Golden Valley Motel, The White House (restaurant in Golden Valley), and box wine…


BKGrila: The FTC Executive Air Charter commercial is pretty. Especially when the guy in the white suit uses that corded phone. I also kept expecting to see Ron Burgundy walk onto the set during the newscast.

Jim: That airline commercial at the beginning is not unlike a rap video. I also like the box wine commercial at 20:23.

Angie: This is the best video EVER! Dennis is my father and this was before I was born. It was priceless to see! Thank you!!!