WTCN “What’s New?”, Nancy Nelson interviews Billy Dee Williams for the Empire Strikes Back, 1980

WCCO Weather Presents: Tornados, Detection and Protection, May 3, 1980

KSTP Joe Salem Show with Ed Karow, October 19, 1980

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New?” Part 11 with Nancy Nelson and Warren Martin, 1980 Empire Strikes Back interviews

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New”? Part 6 with Nancy Nelson, Warren Martin and friends 1980

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New?” Part 10 with Nancy Nelson, Warren Martin, and friends, 1980

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New?” Part 9 with Nancy Nelson, 1980

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New?” Part 8 with Nancy Nelson, 1980

WCCO-TV Bill Carlson interviews Harrison Ford and Anthony Daniels on Empire Stirkes Back for Midday in 1980

WTCN-TV Best of Whats New Part 1 with Nancy Nelson

WCCO-TV Midday Live from the State Fair August 22,1980 with Bill Carlson and Cindy Osborne (and Mike Fairbourne)

WCCO-TV: First I-Team Report, Minneapolis Housing Inspectors, Al Austin

WTCN-TV “Concern” with Stuart A. Lindman Radio Deregulation 1980

WCCO-TV “Starmaker Blues” reported by Mike Walcher 1980

KSTP Weather: Weather in the 1970s, aired January 1st 1980

KMSP Schmidt Beer “Let Good Times Roll Winner of the Week Awards Show” commercials Ernie Martz December 1980