Latest Additions

Dave Moore’s Final WCCO newscast, December 6, 1991, 6pm WCCO-TV

1991, Betty White, Betty White for Target, Bob Mceachern, Computer City, Dave Moore

WTCN-TV (KARE) March 23, 1985, 5pm DeLasalle wins!

1985, 3M, Amy Powell, Barry ZeVan, basketball, Best Buy

WCCO-TV July 5, 1986 10pm

1986, Apple 2, Apple II, Bobbi Polzine, Debbie Ely, Dr. Walt Lyon

1983 Vikings defeat the Cowboys, post game coverage and news – KSTP

1983, Bell System, Bob Bruce, Carolyn Brookter, Cyndy Brucato, Dave Dahl

Twins Win! Post World Series Game 7 Coverage October 27, 1991 WCCO plus full news report

1991, 1991 World Series, Amy Marsalis, Andy Macphail, Brad Goode, Colleen Needles

WCCO-TV 6pm Report July 8, 1989

Bob Bastian, Dave Jennings, Debi Faubion, Eastern Airlines, Embers, Evelyn Rogge


The Late Great Larry Hagman for BVD, commercial 1986

12:00 AM, 1980s, 1986, BVD, commercials, January

KMSP Schmidt Beer “Let Good Times Roll Winner of the Week Awards Show” commercials Ernie Martz December 1980

1980, 1980s, commercials, December, Ernie Martz, KMSP

The Connection with John Hines

1980s, 1986, 6:00 AM, August, commercials, Friday

KMSP-TV News final segment and commercials from 1979

10:30 PM, 1970s, 1979, Cicely Hand, commercials, KMSP

Minnesota Twins TV Promotions from 1978 and 1979

1970s, 1978, baseball, Butch Wynegar, Calvin Griffith, commercials

KMSP commercials and news bump from 1975

1975, Ben Boyett, commercials, KMSP, news, Phil Bremen


KSTP-TV 6pm, February 10, 1990

1990, Best Buy, Dominos Pizza, February 10, Honeywell, James Ingram

WCCO-TV 10pm Report August 30, 1987

1987 Minnesota Twins, Amoco, Ava Thompson, Best Buy, Bethel College, Chevorlet

WCCO-TV Weekend Report August 30, 1987

1980s, 1987, 5:30 PM, August, Ava Thompson, commercials

KSTP-TV 10pm News February 21, 1988

10:00 PM, 1980s, 1988, Best Buy, commercials, Dairy Queen

KSTP-TV 10pm February 22, 1988

10:00 PM, 1980s, 1988, Claudia Bushbaum, commercials, Corey Millen

KSTP-TV The Bud Grant Show with Bob Bruce November 29, 1981

1980s, 1981, 6:30 PM, Bob Bruce, Bud Grant, Fall