Dennis Bounds

Stan Turner interview with President Ronald Reagan, June 9, 1983 KSTP 6pm

January 3, 1983 Vikings defeat the Cowboys, post game coverage and news – KSTP

WTCN-TV NewsCenter 11 10pm June 14, 1981, Edina and Roseville Tornadoes

KSTP-TV Good Company December 8, 1982 Bob Bruce June Lindsay

KSTP-TV Good Company December 7, 1982 Bob Bruce

WTCN-TV Brent Lawrence Weather Reports and other features Part 2, 1982

KSTP-TV Coverage of Minnesota Twins Sale from Calvin Griffith to Carl Pohlad

WTCN-TV Brent Lawrence Weather Reports and other features Part 1, 1982

WTCN-TV (now KARE) On set interview with Dave Unzicker on leaving Poland during marhsall law, Bernie Grace feature on people of Poland

KSTP’s Good Company: February 28, 1985 Steve Edelman and Neil Murray

KSTP’s Good Company September 1982 Bob Bruce, Angela Shelley, Gary Lumpkin

KSTP’s Good Company February 10, 1983 Bob Bruce, Jolene Benoit, Gary Lumpkin

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Update from March 19, 1983 Dennis Bounds, Dave Dahl, Larry Burnett

KSTP’s Coverage of the 1984 Republican Convention live from Dallas Texas with Stan Turner

KSTP’s Good Company April 21, 1983 Bob Bruce and Gary Lumpkin with guests Tom Petty

WTCN (KARE) Out-take Reel 1979 to 1980