Barry ZeVan

Barry ZeVan Reviews and Weather from WTCN (KARE) in 1984!

WUSA (KARE) Barry ZeVan interviews David Letterman, 1986

KARE-TV Barry ZeVan with Roger Awsumb (Casey Jones), 1985

KARE May 21, 1987, 10pm

WTCN-TV (KARE) March 23, 1985, 5pm DeLasalle wins!

11 Ski Country with Barry ZeVan, WTCN (KARE), 1984

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise April 17, 1987

WTCN-TV (now KARE) News 11 at 5, April 11, 1985

WTCN-TV (KARE) News11 at 10 June 1, 1984 Paul Magers, Diana Pierce, Tom Ryther, Paul Douglas

KARE News11 at 6 from December 9, 1986 Paul Magers, Kirsten Lindquist, Paul Douglas, and Tom Ryther

KARE-TV News11 at 6 from August 14, 1986 John Bachman, Diana Pierce, Paul Douglas, and Tom Ryther

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise from July 31, 1987 John Bachman’s final Sunrise program

Tom Ryther on KSTP Promotion from 1971

Cora-Ann Mihalik’s last WTCN newscast, December 1983

KARE-TV Jerry Lewis Telethon Coverage Labor Day 1986

The Backyard with Paul Douglas with the cast of “Brigadoon” 1986 KARE-TV