Cora-Ann Mihalik made a brief 11 month stop at WTCN before anchor stints in Chicago and New York. Here is her final moments at WTCN-TV in December 1983 along with Joan Steffend, Jeff Passolt, and Barry ZeVan. Elaborate send off for a short term anchor, very different from today’s era where it is rarely even mentioned when a on air personality vanishes after years.
Credit: Bob Rivard


W.B.: The irony is that Ms. Mihalik’s future home WNYW in New York, in its days as WNEW-TV, was once a sister to WTCN.

Tim McNeill: My first engineering job in television was at KARE. I worked this night on studio camera. Cora-Ann was a joy to work with. And, about this time in local television KARE was making big gains against WCCO News. The sets, production quality, and direction set new standards in television. Tom Kirby who came from Gannet, had a vision not one executive at the other stations could match.




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