KSTP promotion for the then new sports director Tom Ryther aired in 1971. This aired during the start of the new KSTP World Today team of Ted O’Brien, Barry ZeVan, and Tom Ryther.


gc5341: I love this commercial because it helps me get a full picture of KSTP history. I was born in 1969 and my earliest memory of KSTP begins when Stan Turner temporarily anchored the news before Ron Magers arrived.

W.B.: I noticed the same Peignot Bold font that later constituted their “Eyewitness News” title card up to the early ’80’s, was used for this “World Tonight” title (never mind Tom Sellers’ “Action News Theme” originally created for WFIL-TV in Philadelphia which became WPVI-TV in 1971). At what point did KSTP’s newscasts change titles?

Jeff Lonto: Name changed from The World Today to Eyewitness News in February 1974 when Ron Magers arrived. Same theme music was used until about 1983. “Eyewitness News” was previously used by KMSP Channel 9 from 1969 to October 1973.

The “Action News Theme” long used by Channel 6 in Philadelphia is called “Move Closer To your World.” That music was actually briefly used by WCCO Channel 4 for their newscasts, from late 1977 to early 1978.

Tom : Channel 6 in Philadelphia had two themes – the first was “Action News” the one that KSTP used from 1971 to 1982 (when they changed from the blue to the skyline set), the “Closer to your world theme” was used at WCCO when they updated their news set and added Doug Moore and Mike Fairbourne in 1977. Part of it can be heard on the “One Moore Time” video on this site. The theme is still being used by Channel 6 in Philly today.




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