WTCN (KARE) Sidney Poitier interviewed by Nancy Nelson for “What’s New?” in 1974

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KARE December 13, 1992, 10pm

Jack Morris on Late Night with David Letterman October 30, 1991

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KSTP, WCCO, KARE Coverage of Halloween Blizzard Day after November 1, 1991 5pm and 6pm

NBC Meet the Press from the Metrodome, July 14, 1985, All Star Game

KARE-TV May 22, 1991, 10pm Coverage of President Bush visiting St. Paul

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Nancy Nelson Movie Review: The Muppet Movie; July 9, 1979

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Barry ZeVan Reviews and Weather from WTCN (KARE) in 1984!

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WUSA (KARE) Barry ZeVan interviews David Letterman, 1986

WTCN (KARE), December 31, 1984, 10pm