WUSA (KARE) July 16, 1985 10pm (Post All Star Game Coverage)

WUSA (KARE) July 16, 1985 6pm (All Star Game Coverage)

WCCO-TV 10pm November 8, 1992

WCCO-TV Morning Report November 19, 1981 Bill Carlson

WTCN-TV Brent Lawrence Weather Reports and other features Part 1, 1982

KSTP-TV 10 o’clock Report December 6, 1968, John MacDougall

WCCO-TV 10PM Report coverage of the final episode of M*A*S*H full report February 28, 1983

WCCO-TV 5pm Report August 22, 1985 Dave Moore, Debbie Ely, Bud Kraehling, Tom Hanneman

WTCN-TV (now KARE) News11 first 5pm edition Paul Magers, Kirstin Lindquist, Paul Douglas, and Jeff Passolt June 10, 1985 Full broadcast

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News 6pm from September 7, 1982 Stan Turner, Cyndy Brucato, Bob Bruce and Dennis Feltgen

WTCN NewsCenter 11 Weekend Edition from November 8, 1980 with Dennis Bounds