KSTP-TV News from 1968 sponsored by NSP. 14 month old found dead at 654 Emerson Ave North
Increase in major crime in Minnesota
Coon Rapids couple killed in Blaine
Minnesota Public Service request to increase bus fare
Controversial Text Book Cover
Johnny Morris Weather and Al Tighe’s Sports


Alan Freed: Judging from the “this Sunday” sports references (Vikes/SF game was 12/8/68) and the high school scores, this newscast appears to be from Friday, December 6.

Brian: December 6th was on a Friday in 1968. Therefore, as Alan Freed says, this was Friday, December 6th, not 8th, as the broadcast-date caption here erroneously states.

Russell: Sorry to disagree with previous two comments. The date must have been Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1968. The ending credits of the program prior to the newscast is from “The Outsider”, which aired on Wednesdays (check out Jackie Coogan as “Rusty” on IMDb). Also, North Stars lost 4-2 to Toronto on this Wednesday (from hockey-reference website) as noted by Al Tighe during sports.

Christy Campbell: Not so worried about the date…that’s my dad up there reporting the weather! Nice voice, Johnny.

WW: Al Tighe sounds different from the voice I remember on channel 9.




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