WTCN in the early 1980s was the traditional third place newscast against KSTP and WCCO. When Gannett purchased WTCN from Metromedia in 1983, the station not only got new owners but budgets and upper management dedicated to producing winning news. Being in third place afforded WTCN to do some experimenting. Paul Douglas’ backyard was built in 1983, as well as changing the 6pm news to an hour at 5pm. The concept had been tried a decade earlier at WCCO, and much like its predecessor WTCN eventually went back to half hour installments. This date is the first time WTCN had a 5, 6, and 10pm newscast introducing Kirstin Lindquist as Paul Magers co-anchor along with Paul Douglas’ weather and Jeff Passolt’s sports. Stories included:
Claus Von Bulow acquittal
Medicare Freeze
State Legislature challenges
St. Paul a finalist for most liveable city
Buffalo School District Safety
Boundray Waters profile


Scott: Haha…must have been a VERY slow sports news day. Oh and I always love seeing the commercials from back in the day. I want a Tombstone pizza now 🙂




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