A segment of WTCN’s long running news/information/entertainment show “What’s New” from October 1978.Chef Meadows and Mrs. Joe Casella (Ann) cooks spaghetti in the kitchen, Joe Casella anchors the news, and Nancy and Warren host studio segments.


Tim LaPosa: This may be from September 78, the lady in the audience was talking about an event on 9/22-9/23/78. Great video.

Howard Luloff: This brings back memories of a show that aired at different times over the years, even when WTCN became an NBC affiliate in 1979. Warren Martin showed his versatility as an on camera host and I remember him being personable on the air. It’s a shame he’s gone, he did a lot of station voice overs and served as Nancy Nelson’s sidekick for years. She’s still alive and and active in broadcasting on AM 950 as well as hosting infomercials. It’s a rare treat to see a What’s New episode.

Mike: I believe the WTCN employee in the Sound Off segment is Stuart A. Lindeman.




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