Joe Casella

WTCN June 28, 1979 6pm (most)

WTCN-TV NewsCenter 11 10pm June 14, 1981, Edina and Roseville Tornadoes

WTCN-TV NewsCenter 11 at 6, March 8, 1979 (first half)

WTCN (KARE) Joe Casella Today Show News Updates 1979

WTCN-TV (now KARE) Sports with Joe Casella

WTCN-TV Whats New? With Nancy Nelson, Warren Martin, Chef Hank Meadows and Ann Casella, and News with Joe Casella October 1978

WTCN-TV (KARE) News at 9:30pm March 21, 1976 Joe Casella, Curt Johnson,

WTCN (KARE) Out-take Reel 1979 to 1980

WTCN NewsCenter 11 Weekend Edition from November 8, 1980 with Dennis Bounds