WTCN aired this promotion just prior to the Twin Cities network switch (ABC to KSTP, NBC to WTCN, KMSP to independent). Understandably many viewers were confused (or didn’t care). Janet Mason of WTCN does some “man on the street” interviews downtown Minneapolis asking the interviewee to explain the switch.


Jeff Lonto: I do remember those promos. Interesting that somebody mentions WWTC. Dick Driscoll does the voiceover at the end.

Jeff Lonto: Another bit of trivia that Dick Driscoll told me, apparently Hubbard raised a stink about WTCN using NBC’s logo on air before they were officially the NBC affiliate. KSTP did not use ABC’s logo until the switch was complete.

Howard Salwasser: Not to be off topic, but there was, during this period, a WCCO commercial out there that spoofed all the network swapping. The tagline I believe was “You know where to find us”. I hope there’s a clip of it out there somewhere.

W.B.: WTCN, I noticed, used the 1967 “Metromedia Television Alphabet” font right up to the 1979 pickup of NBC affiliation, after which they adopted the same type as used at that time by Los Angeles’ KTTV Channel 11. (WTTG in Washington, DC was apparently another Metromedia property that used the old-style “5” up to 1979 when they switched to the font used by WNEW-TV in New York starting in 1977.)




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