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WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1985 St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade

WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1987 St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade January 24, 1987

KARE-TV News11 at 10 April 18, 1987

PM Magazine WCCO-FM Rude Awakening, 1982

KSTP-TV Lindsay Strand series on Privacy, 1984

KSTP-TV Coverage of Hurricane Gloria with Dennis Feltgen September 1985

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New?” Part 10 with Nancy Nelson, Warren Martin, and friends, 1980

WCCO-TV Special on Minnesota Zoo with Bill Carlson, 1978

WTCN-TV Best of Whats New Part 1 with Nancy Nelson

WCCO-TV State Fair Grandstand Play 1976 with Bill Carlson and Allan Lotsberg

WCCO-TV The Scene Tonight January 17, 1968 Dave Moore, Skip Loescher, Bud Kraehling, Hal Scott

WTCN (KARE) Joe Casella Today Show News Updates 1979

WCCO-TV “Donahue Happening” 1978, Bill Carlson and Cindy Osborne

WTCN-TV (KARE) Don’t be a Dope, hosted by John Bachman, 1983

WCCO-TV Bedtime Story with Dave Moore on Al Quie

The Facts as we Know Them, Brian Lambert, David Carr, Nick Coleman, Adam Platt, December 1986