KSTP Joe Salem Show with Ed Karow November 1, 1981

The Lou Holtz Show, with Bob Bruce, KSTP originally aired October 11, 1985

WTCN NewsCenter 11 Weekend Edition from November 8, 1980 with Dennis Bounds

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News at 6 (Full Report) from February 4, 1986 Stan Turner, Ruth Spencer, Dennis Feltgen, Bob Bruce

WCCO’s Pre Game Coverage of the 1987 NFC Championship Minnesota Vikings at Washington Pat Miles, Skip Loescher, Mark Rosen

WCCO 6pm Report from December 6, 1983

WCCO-TV Saturday 10pm Report October 3, 1987 Mike Walcher and Debbie Ely

KSTP’s The Bud Grant Show with Bud Grant, Jim Marshall, and Tom Ryther November 10, 1975

KSTP-TV “We’re the Team!” 1983 promotion (the football at the park one)

KSTP Eyewitness News 6pm January 21, 1985

WCCO-TV Weekend 6pm Report October 26, 1985 (first part)