Remember when the Vikings were Super Bowl contenders? Here is a clip from a November 1975 edition of the “Bud Grant Show” that aired on KSTP and hosted by Tom Ryther. Tom, Bud Grant, and Jim Marshall discuss Vikings football (with other light topics).Credit: Tom Ryther


Howard Luloff: I remember several years into its run, the theme song used was an instrumental from the Chicago hit song “Questions 67 and 68.” Every time I hear the song on the radio. It reminds me of “The Bud Grant Show.”

Andrew Jones: For years I remembered the opening and closing theme music for this show and about 20 years ago I realized it was Chicago’s song called “Question’s 67 and 68”. I was only 6 years old in 1975 , but I remembered that song all those years later. I am an Avid Vikings fan and have been since I was born. I was only 10 months old when they played there first Super Bowl…. SKOL!!!!




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