9:00 PM

WCCO-TV Moore Report: Fear and Present Danger, June 8, 1981

KARE-TV Pat Miles Special: Barbara Carlson, CJ, Charles Schulz, Leann Chinn; May 17, 1993

KMSP-TV Prime Time News October 13, 1987 Rod Grams, Heather Harden

WCCO-TV Town Hall: Death of an American Girl

WCCO-TV: Moore Report, One Nation Under God January 5, 1981

KMSP-TV Report on July 23, 1987 Super Storm Floods

WCCO-TV: Death of an American Girl, Moore Report

KMSP-TV Report on Radio at Riverfest, July 1988

The Moore Report: On the Edge

KARE-TV: Pat Miles Special: Norm Green, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dee Long, Kent Hrbek, Paul Douglas May 25, 1994

KARE: A Pat Miles Special with Stanley Hubbard, Yanni, Greg Lemond Full Special aired May 18, 1991

WTCN: Minnesota Exodus Documentary from 1983

Pat Miles Special: From 1992 Steve and Sharon, Cyndy Brucato, Tom Barnard, and Dave Moore

ABC 20/20 Report on TV Meteorologists including Paul Douglas from February 13, 1987

KMSP-TV Prime Time News Opening with Rod Grams and commercials, 1984

Dave Moore: One Moore Time, WCCO September 20, 1985