A tribute to WCCO anchor Dave Moore, who at the time of this airing was about to anchor his final 10pm News Report for WCCO (he would continue to anchor the 6pm news until 1991). Taped at the Carleton Celebrity Room and featuring many WCCO personalities, Dave’s career and work is highlighted with tributes from friends and colleagues. Immediately after this airing Dave anchored his final 10pm Newscast which can be found on this site here
Credit: Jay Philpott and Tom Gavaras


Tim McNeill: I worked on this broadcast. Dave was and still is my idol. I worked with him and can say he is as you see him in this special. He respect people who worked with him. He cared about his co-workers. He was one of a kind. I don’t think there will ever be another person to anchor any newscast that will have the impact he did. He was humble, dedicated, and funny. Thanks to this website for it’s tireless work to preserve these moments in televison history.

Dave Montray: Loved Dave Moore. Class man and great local Minneapolis personality! Much missed!

SP: (57:38) Moore: “God we had a lotta laffs!” Great stories follow!

Steve : I grew up with Dave, Bud, and Ray as the staple of every evening. I watched the Bedtime Nooz, and I watched Dave show, that which is forbidden today, show emotion over stories and show the human side to his job.
When he left and Bud and Ray left, so did I.




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