KARE-TV: 1992 Ice Palace Coverage lighting and fireworks

KSTP-TV Twin Cities Live with Bob Bruce, Motorcycle Clubs 1990

KARE-TV Pat Miles: DWI, A Good Stiff Lesson 1995

KARE-TV: Town Hall Meeting: The Role of the Media, moderated by Paul Magers and Tom Brokaw 1992

KSTP-TV Good Company profile on Barbara Carlson and her hot tub studio

KARE-TV: Pat Miles Special: Norm Green, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dee Long, Kent Hrbek, Paul Douglas May 25, 1994

KARE: A Pat Miles Special with Stanley Hubbard, Yanni, Greg Lemond Full Special aired May 18, 1991

Profile on Denny Green aired in 1999 on KARE

ANC (KSTP) Evening News Update from April 24, 1996 Stan Turner and Dave Dahl

HBO Sports Segment on Super Bowl XXVI in Minneapolis featuring Bud Kraehling and Steve Cochran January 1992

Good Company’s Final Program KSTP June 17, 1994 Steve Edelman and Sharon Anderson

1991 Halloween Blizzard Day 2 Coverage: KSTP, WCCO, KARE

1991 Halloween Blizzard Day 3 Coverage: KSTP, WCCO

Pat Miles Special: From 1992 Steve and Sharon, Cyndy Brucato, Tom Barnard, and Dave Moore

WCCO-TV Noon News from July 4, 1990 Bill Carlson and Bud Kraehling

Moore on Sunday with Dave Moore February 23, 1992; Dave talks to Bud Kraehling on ending his daily weather duties after 45 years