WCCO’s Bill Carlson interviews Ed Asner, 1977

WCCO-TV Bill Carlson interviews Mark Hamill on Star Wars, 1977

WCCO Moore on Monday, Rudy: The Iron Ranger, 1977

Mark Hamill interviewed by WCCO’s Bill Carlson, 1977

WCCO-TV This Must Be The Place with Bill Carlson and John Denver, December 3, 1977

WCCO-TV This Must Be The Place Special Retrospective, 1977

WTCN-TV Best of “What’s New” Part 4 with Nancy Nelson and Warren Martin September 30, 1977

Nancy Nelson interviews Harrison Ford for WTCN’s What’s New?, June 1977 (Star Wars)

WTCN-TV Probe: Stuart A. Lindman interviews Hitler biographer John Toland October 29, 1977

The Vikings Report with Tony Parker from 1977

KMSP’s Newsnine Final aired in 1977

KSTP Eyewitness News at 6pm with Stan Turner from March 29, 1977

Bowling for Dollars with Tom Ryther Taped in November 1977 Full broadcast