TThe end of a broadcast day at KMSP Channel 9 in 1977. This looks to be the daily news update that probably aired well after the late local news and after the late movie (or in this case a rerun of “It Takes a Thief”). No anchor, just an announcer with some of the stories that more than likely aired in the 10pm news that night. The State and National economy, artificial sweeteners, and massage parlors are the topics this night with familiar faces such as Jimmy Carter, Martin Sabo, and Earl Gray. At the end is a clip that aired immediately after on religion hosted by former Michelle Bachman Congressional challenger El Tinklenberg.


Jeff Lonto : Al Tighe is the announcer here.

iamnomad: The structure of “Newsnine Final” were replicated at CBS O&Os KNXT in Los Angeles for its “Late News” and WBBM-TV in Chicago for “First Edition.” Audio of several KNXT broadcasts can be found on YouTube, and a segment of one WBBM broadcast can be found on The Museum of Classic Chicago Television website (

iamnomad: The format used for “Newsnine Final” was replicated at CBS O&Os KNXT in Los Angeles for the “Late News,” and WBBM-TV in Chicago for “First Edition,” and also at NBC O&O KNBC in Los Angeles for the “NewsCenter4 Sign-off Edition.” Clips from each station’s respective broadcasts can be found on the Web.

Bob Porrazzo: Wonder how after the Chapel of the Air KMSP officially signed off…any national anthem played?

Richard Sigurdson: For many years a film with “America the Beautiful” was aired following “Chapel of the Air” but not before a legal sign-off announcement was read.




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