12:00 AM

WTCN (KARE) 1985: Jeff Passolt interviewing Bud Grant

Robb Leer’s audition for KSTP 1978

WTCN (KARE) day of golf with Arnold Palmer, John Bachman, Tom Ryther and Bill Ryther

KARE-TV North Stars Ownership change coverage 1990, Tom Ryther

WCCO Studio Tour Video 1983 hosted by Dave Moore

HBO Sports Segment on Super Bowl XXVI in Minneapolis featuring Bud Kraehling January 1992

The Late Great Larry Hagman for BVD, commercial 1986

Exclusive interview with WCCO’s Bud Kraehling

KMSP’s Ernie Martz with the weather 1979

Stan Turner Emmy Award 2005

WTCN (now KARE) News Open and Close from 1979 “Hawaii 5-0 Theme News”

WTCN (now KARE) Proud as a Peacock #2

WTCN (now KARE) John Bachman’s first night 1980

WTCN Promotion: Twin Citians Explain the March 5th Network Switch, WTCN-TV 1979

PBS Inside Story: “What’s a nice guy like you doing in local TV News”? Featuring Dave Moore, aired on KTCA in 1984

Mark Rosen reports on Athletes in Advertising, WCCO-TV 1980