A rare find…The people of WCCO-TV star in this parody film in the spirit of Bedtime Newz that was shown at the WCCO Christmas party in 1974. Introduced by Bud Kraheling and featuring Dave Moore, Mark Rosen, John Gallos, Bill Carlson, Skip Loescher, Ralph Jon Fritz, and Hal Scott are some of the WCCO starts featued in this half hour film which also includes out takes from WCCO programs and commercials from the era.


Jeff Lonto: Incredible. Reference to WTCN-TV carrying CBS programming is when Channel 4 had the Twins at that time, Channel 11 picked up the preempted CBS shows.

W.B.: You sure it wasn’t connected with WCCO actually originally signing on under the WTCN calls (before the second WTCN that is now KARE)?

Jeff Lonto: I’ve got a newspaper article from 1974 regarding WTCN carrying preempted CBS shows, and on this he does say “one of two Twin Cities television stations carrying CBS programming.” When Channel 4 was called WTCN primary affiliation was ABC with CBS and DuMont as secondary affiliations.

Deborah Ely-Lawrence: Priceless!




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