WCCO-TV 10pm, June 13th 1991 with Bud Kraehling’s weather

WCCO 10pm Report from January 31, 1982 Weather, Winter Carnival, and Sports Dr. Walt Lyons

WCCO January 29, 1990 10pm

WCCO-TV 10pm Report January 24, 1990

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday Pilot, 1991

WCCO’s Pat Miles and Don Shelby on MPR in 1987

WCCO’s Live Eye in the Sky, 1979

WCCO Story on the Demolition of the Met January 28, 1985

WCCO’s Bill Carlson interviews Ed Asner, 1977

WCCO-TV Coverage of 1991 Halloween Blizzard, first morning update with Paul Huttner, November 1, 1991

WCCO-TV 6pm Report, September 25, 1989

WCCO-TV 10pm June 5, 1984 Coverage of Mega Tuesday

WCCO-TV 10pm Report, October 11, 1987

WCCO-TV 10pm Report May 25, 1982 coverage of Northwest Airlines Strike and Falkland Islands

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday, January 6, 1974

Frank Sinatra Death, KLBB, WCCO, KSTP, KARE, KMSP; May 15, 1998