Tom Barnard

KSTP Profile on Charlie Bush, 1991

KMSP Story on Tom Barnard and KQRS (with Jeff Passolt), 1996

Pat Miles Special: From 1992 Steve and Sharon, Cyndy Brucato, Tom Barnard, and Dave Moore

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News at 10 from June 28, 1985 Stan Turner, Cyndy Brucato, Dennis Feltgen, Larry Burnett

KSTP’s Super Doppler Weather Radar with Dennis Feltgen from 1984

KSTP-TV Promotion “We’re the Team” sledding and tubing 1983

KSTP-TV “We’re the Team!” 1984 promotion (Baseball in the Metrodome with Kirby Puckett and the Twins)

KSTP-TV “We’re the Team!” 1983 promotion (the football at the park one)

KSTP’s “Newstar 5” The Twin Cities first Satellite news gathering truck! (and a news update)