Steve Edelman

KSTP-TV Good Company ?/?/1984 Steve Edeleman and Gary Lumpkin host

KSTP-TV Good Company August 9, 1984

KSTP-TV Good Company, July 26, 1984

KSTP-TV Good Company October 22, 1982: Dennis Feltgen Family, Barry Manilow, Jeff Cesario

KSTP’s Good Company: February 28, 1985 Steve Edelman and Neil Murray

KSTP’s Good Company October 31, 1984 Gary Lumpkin meets Paul McCartney

KSTP’s Good Company October 21, 1982 Gary Lumpkin at Epcot Center

KSTP’s Good Company: The Gary Lumpkin Audition

Good Company live from Canterbury Downs

KSTP’s Good Company 4th Anniversary 1986

Good Company’s Final Program KSTP June 17, 1994 Steve Edelman and Sharon Anderson

Pat Miles Special: Steve and Sharon, Cyndy Brucato, Tom Barnard, and Dave Moore

KMSP-TV News final segment and commercials from 1979

Good Company with guests Dave Dahl and Paul Douglas, KSTP-TV November 4, 1991

KSTP-TV’s 50th Anniversary, One hour special from 1998

KSTP’s Good Company: News Anchors and their children (1983) Cyndy Brucato (and Brooks), Dennis Feltgen (and Darryl), Bob Bruce (and Scott)