Steve Doyle

WCCO-TV PM Magazine Hawaii Part 1, 1985

WCCO-TV PM Magazine, ?/?/1985

WCCO On the Move, A look to the Future, 1983

WCCO-TV PM Magazine, 4/?/1985 Walter Cronkite, Scott Hamilton

WCCO PM Magazine 1985 Mister Rogers

PM Magazine, Live DJ Video Party, 1984 WCCO-TV

PM Magazine, Final Edition 1985, WCCO-TV

PM Magazine WCCO-FM Rude Awakening, 1982

PM Magazine September 12, 1984

KMSP-TV Reel to Reel “North Stars” with Steve Doyle, March 1979

WCCO-TV Special on Minnesota Twins Sale to Carl Pohlad June 21, 1984

WCCO Studio Tour Video 1983 hosted by Dave Moore

KMSP-TV News final segment and commercials from 1979

KMSP-TV “Newswatch” from February 1979, Steve Doyle and Cicely Hand