Don Fraser

KSTP February 13, 1988, 6pm Live from Calgary

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News at at 10, February 26, 1989

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News at 5:30pm February 26, 1989

WCCO-TV 10pm Report November 2, 1987

WCCO-TV 6pm Report August 21, 1985

WCCO-TV 6pm Report live from the State Fair August 22, 1985 Dave Moore, Debbie Ely, Tom Hanneman, Dr. Walt Lyons

WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1978 DFL Convention

Twins World Series Game #1 Post Game Coverage and News KSTP October 17, 1987

WCCO-TV 10pm Report January 8, 1986 Don Shelby, Pat Miles, Mike Fairbourne, Ralph Jon Fritz

WCCO-TV Noon Report August 20, 1985 Debbie Ely, Bud Kraehling

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News at 6 from March 18th 1982 Stan Turner, Dennis Feltgen, and Robb Leer

Thanksgiving Day Fire 1982 – WCCO coverage