Hands Out, WTCN Documentary, 1981

WCCO-TV State Fair Live 1985 Special with Bill Carlson

WCCO-TV 6pm Report January 23, 1982

WCCO-TV Moore Report: Fear and Present Danger, June 8, 1981

WTCN-TV Footage from Halsey Hall Tribute Film with Harmon Killebrew, Herb Carneal, 1975

WCCO-TV Midday Bicentennial with Bill Carlson and Cindy Osborne July 1976

WCCO-TV “Look Back” 1983

WTCN-TV (KARE) Don’t be a Dope, hosted by John Bachman, 1983

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday, final original series retrospective August 26, 1979 with Dave Moore

KTCA Night Times with Gary Gilson November 12, 1981

KTCA-TV Night Times Magazine October 20, 1981

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday: Good News, Bad News, June 1978

WCCO-TV Newsday: Polio, Iron Lung 1988

WCCO-TV: Hubert Humphrey Remembered, 1979

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday with Dave Moore December 2, 1973

KARE-TV Pat Miles Special: Barbara Carlson, CJ, Charles Schulz, Leann Chinn; May 17, 1993