Dennis Stauffer

KARE-TV News11 at 10 August 20, 1988 Joan Steffend, Jon Stone, Roy Finden, Randy Shaver

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 26, 1986 Dennis Stauffer, Roy Finden, Andria Shaine

KARE-TV: Town Hall Meeting: The Role of the Media, moderated by Paul Magers and Tom Brokaw 1992

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 25, 1986 Dennis Stauffer, Andria Shaine, Roy Finden

KARE News11 at 5 the day after the July 23, 1987 SUPERSTORM

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise from April 15, 1987 John Bachman, Amy Powell, Roy Finden, and Steve Carroll

WUSA (KARE) Special on 1986 St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace