Cyndy Brucato

KSTP February 8, 1982 coverage of President Reagan in the Twin Cites

KSTP January 30, 1985 Coverage of Galaxy Plane Crash

KSTP-TV April 6, 1982, 6pm Weather

WCCO-TV November 26, 1982 10pm Coverage of Minneapolis Donaldsons Fire

KSTP-TV April 6, 1982 10pm (Parts, Twins Metrodome Open)

Fire on the Mall, KSTP News Special November 26, 1982

KSTP-TV October 6, 1985, 10pm (First Part)

Stan Turner interview with President Ronald Reagan, June 9, 1983 KSTP 6pm

KSTP and ABC brief coverage of the 1985 All Star Game at the Metrodome

KSTP-TV February 17, 1984, Winter Olympics and News coverage

January 3, 1983 Vikings defeat the Cowboys, post game coverage and news – KSTP

KSTP-TV Lindsay Strand series on Privacy, 1984

KSTP-TV Coverage of Hurricane Gloria with Dennis Feltgen September 1985

KSTP-TV Coverage of Minnesota Twins Sale from Calvin Griffith to Carl Pohlad, June 21, 1984

KSTP-TV: Neil Murray, On your Behalf “Tumorex” 1983

KARE-TV: Town Hall Meeting: The Role of the Media, moderated by Paul Magers and Tom Brokaw 1992