Carl Pohlad

WCCO-TV Post 1987 World Series Game 7 Coverage, October 25, 1987

WUSA (KARE) Pre-Game Show of the 1985 All Star Game July 16, 1985

WCCO-TV Special on Minnesota Twins Sale to Carl Pohlad June 21, 1984

WCCO-TV Noon Report May 7, 1985 Bill Carlson, Debbie Ely

KSTP-TV Coverage of Minnesota Twins Sale from Calvin Griffith to Carl Pohlad, June 21, 1984

KARE-TV News 11 at 5 Twins win the American League Pennant October 12, 1987

WCCO’s Coverage of the 1987 Twins meeting with President Reagan at the White House

WTCN (now KARE) report on Carl Pohlad purchasing the Twins from 1984