A short bump of commercials that aired on then ABC affiliate KMSP in 1975. Also a news bump for KMSP’s evening news with Ben Boyett and Phil Breman.


TC: Whatever happened to Ernie Martz, who used to voice the promos and ID’s? Hearing that voice again sure brings back memories.

iamnomad: “QB VII”–whose promo was seen beginning at the 1:26 mark–was the first miniseries to air in the United States and the second in North America; the first was the CBC production “The National Dream.” It ran for a total of six and a half hours, beginning Monday, April 29, 1974 (“The National Dream” had concluded just the day before), so this clip actually aired within a week before. What I don’t understand is how the promo could end with the announcer saying “tomorrow night and Tuesday night on ABC” (implying that this could have aired Sunday, April 28, 1974) if it is airing during “Tuesday Movie of the Week” (which would make it April 23). “QB” would earn six Emmy Awards.




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