In 1980 audio engineer Bob Rivard shot this footage of a 10pm NewsCenter 11 with his personal camcorder. A very unique and interesting perspective of the behind the scenes feel of a newscast featuring anchor Stan Bohrman, Meteorologist Glenn Burns, and sportscaster Tom Ryther. Credit: Bob Rivard


W.B.: WTCN in those days used RCA TK-45A cameras; the prompter apparatuses attached to the top of the camera lenses were Q-TV VPS-100.

Sallie: Where’s Tom going? He’s not suppose to get up off his seat during a live news broadcast, even when he’s off camera.

Robin: Chooch, is that you? Hahaha,I hope this was my first night! “It’s hot in here!”

Alan Freed: Based on the reference to the three state primary elections, this newscast is from May 27, 1980.

Geoff: The camera on the right is shooting a wide shot of the set through a frame that simulates a ceiling, instead of just having nothing, at the top of the set.




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