John Belcourt trialTornadoes in Hutchinson
Olympic Ticket Sales
A young Paul Douglas weather forecast


Jeff Lonto: Right after Gannett took over ownership of WTCN. They repainted the old NewsCenter 11 set and did a few new things before completely revamping the newscasts in the fall of ’83. They were still in the ratings basement at this point, you can tell by the lack of sponsors and the low budget commercials. Dick Driscoll voices the Three’s Company promo.

Ryan Kadlec: After Gannett’s purchase of WTCN, they revamped the NewsCenter 11 set and in the fall of 1983, they hired two young anchors back then, Paul Magers and Diana Pierce and the rest is history for the station.

Neal De Jesus: RIP Dick Driscoll and Warren Martin you’ll be missed.




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