WTCN’s version of NBC’s “Proud as a Peacock” promotion aired in 1979 (during a rerun of Ironside). In 1979, third place NBC ran a series of promotions under the “Proud as a Peacock” theme. It was lampooned in the media, including NBC’s own Saturday Night Live. WTCN the new NBC affiliate in the Twin Cities tried to imitate the campaign by showing off their new newsteam (including Stan Bohrman and Dr. Michael Breen), helicopter, and reruns of Mary Tyler Moore and MASH. Probably the only thing that had an audience during this period was the reruns of MASH.


Jeff Lonto: Jim Dyer, their original NewsCenter 11 anchor was already relegated to weekends but he is seen here. Bob Kurtz was the original sportscaster until they hired Ryther back from Cleveland. A different guy named Bob Kurtz was calling play-by-play for Twins games on Channel 9 then ironically.

NBC jingle sounds like the same singers who did the infamous “NB See Us” jingle the previous fall, which KSTP did tie-in promotions with at the time.

Neal De Jesus: NBC went from KSTP to WTCN ABC went from KMSP to KSTP Fox went from WFTC to KMSP leaving WCCO-TV behind.




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