The local NBC affiliate KARE was for almost twenty years the market’s independent station featuring reruns, movies, and first run syndicated programming. Then known as WTCN, the station provided a 9:30 News program before the traditoinal network affiliates began their 10pm coverage. Gil Amundson anchors this report from December 1975, Amundson was with WTCN from it’s early days in the 1950s until the 1ate 1980s serving in a variety of roles including anchor. Winona Teacher’s Strike, United Airlines Strike, University of Minnesota Strike,
Taxes, spending, the sale of the White Sox, and Hubert Humphrey are some of the stories covered in this full report.
Credit: Chad and Jennifer Amundson


Todd Kinkel: Excellent quality! Thank you Chad and jennifer! what a treasure!!

CT: I can’t believe how primitive the weather forecasts were back then! Pointing sticks? Manually flipped boards? Hard to believe how much technology has changed in the course of 36 years.

Ann Ouncer: Whatever happened to Toni Hughes?

Sarge: LOL I can’t help but think of “Anchorman” watching this newscast, the music and everything is dead on.

Roderick: Love the Ronco Glass Froster…Yea have a nice cold beer while you absorb this healthy freon gas!!! Man I remember this spot

russell: Actual date of broadcast is Wednesday, December 10, 1975 according to the NHL hockey scores.

Lois Rowbottom: What ever happened to Toni Hughes ?

R Allen: Toni Hughes lived in San Francisco where she worked as a Health Director at Cigna and passed away surrounded by family of a rare Blood Cancer at the age of 61 in 2000.




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