WCCO produced this “town hall” style meeting in 1984 hosted by then CBS morning anchor Bill Kurtis to address the criticisms of the news product of WCCO-TV. WCCO management and journalists respond to the criticism of news being produced strictly for ratings and money.


Timothy McNeill: WCCO always worked hard to be fair. The newsroom was set up to not have embarrassments hit the air when it came to context and reporting. Where this WCCO failed was to be aware that flash, production values, and an on-air look made them look dull and old fashioned. People loved Dave Moore. He came to the news with credibility that no other anchor had. But, he grew tired of WCCO’s lack of ability to be true to their form and stop the hype. WCCO and this management team I will always have great respect for. They just fell asleep at the wheel when things changed again.]




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