WCCO in 1975: The “new” Scene Tonight with an updated set and familiar faces with anchor Dave Moore, weatherman Bud Kraehling, sportscaster Hal Scott, Al Austin, Susan Spencer, and Skip Loescher. Stores covered in this full hour of news is the strike at Northwest Airlines, conflict in the Middle East, budget motels, IDS window cleaners, and University of Minnesota Basketball. Also look for a young Mark Rosen covering a musical on the Vikings.
Commercials for TCF, Snyder Drug, Donaldsons and more


Jeff Lonto: Incredible video. You forgot to mention in your description that Bill Stewart, who was murdered on camera in Nicaragua while reporting for ABC News in 1979 also appears in this newscast.

Tim McNeill: Also, Susan Spencer went on to work for CBS News. Barry Peterson also moved on to CBS News as a foreign corespondant. This news set was so before the times. Today, these type of sets are used at the network and local level in many markets. Thanks for posting this Tom!!

Dave Kenney: This newscast may be more significant than even you realize, Tom. It’s Susan Spencer’s debut as the Twin Cities’ first full-time “anchorwoman.” Dave Moore’s throw-away line about the “year of the woman,” following Spencer’s IDS story, is a reminder of what a big deal this was at the time. Thanks for posting what I figured was lost piece of broadcasting history!

Scott Salmins: Wow, what a great look back at WCCO during the heydays of Moore & Co. WCCO had so many of its reporters that went on to the big 3, with most of them going to CBS. Barry and Susan are still at CBS today.

gc5341: Susan Spencer is simply beautiful!

Douglas H.: I remember when they went to this hour format. Didn’t they have the tag line: News you need to know, News that nice to know? I remember they had a film critic segment in back half.

Sallie Nennig: Skip Loescher is not wearing a tie. He’s supposed to be wearing a tie.

Steve: Great to see the newscasters and commercials from my youth. Thanks for sharing these videos!

Michael Donovan: Susan Spencer was gorgeous. I remember this time very well. I was 14 and I used to buy TV Guide every week!

Tim Christopherson: Hey Michael Donavan,is it really necessary to repeat eight times?

Scott Zaczkowski: Also mentioned: the search for Jimmy Hoffa, which was just days old at this point in time.




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