Don Shelby’s first 10pm news broadcast, replacing Dave Moore. Dave’s final 10pm was the Friday prior to this Monday broadcast. Don has been on the 10pm news on WCCO since. Dave Moore continued as anchor of the 6pm broadcast until December 1991.
Pat Miles had been on the 10pm report since 1982 and remained Don’s co-anchor until leaving for KARE-TV in 1988. Also featured are Mike Fairbourne and Mark Rosen.
This was also the debut of the “hot tub” set. It was not a hit with the public and was dismantled two years later.
Stories covered in this report are:
AIDs in Minnesota School
John Flanagan arrest
William Bennett tour in Minnesota
President Reagan on trade balance


Erik Stone: This Was A New Look For WCCO-TV’s WCCO News’ The 10 P.M. Report From Monday Night, September 23, 1985, Includes New Graphics, And A New Leading Anchorman In Don Shelby.

Ryan Kadlec: The WCCO Virtual Set AKA: The Hot Tub set was not a hit with WCCO viewers and lasted two years when they dismantled the Hot Tub set in favor of building a Four-dimensional Physical WCCO Set which was debuted on November 2nd 1987.




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