WCCO’s 10pm Report from December 6, 1983 with Dave Moore, Pat Miles, Skip Loescher, Mike Fairbourne, and Mark Rosen. The current WCCO studio on 11th and Nicollet was less than a year old in 1983, notice that the news set is in the news room with monitors, flashing banners, and a full crew of WCCO news employees gathering information. Also note the Washington DC Newsroom with a live report from Skip Loescher (this was common for about two years) I lost track of the number of sets that they go through in a half hour, sometimes the anchors are sitting together, other times they are talking in separate studios.
Some of the timely stories in this edition: Minneapolis elections, Christmas Space Travel, The Vikings, cold weather, and of course adult book stores.
Video Courtesy of Brian Klier




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