TCMedianow caught up with former KSTP and KARE meteorologist Dennis Feltgen late last year to take a look back at a dozen years of forecasting in the Twin Cities. Mr. Feltgen was chief meteorologist at KSTP from 1977 to 1986 and lead many of the innovations in broadcast meteorology that are still evident on KSTP and other stations today. Starting in the era of black marker drawn weather maps, progressing into the first Doppler radar, live reports from hurricanes along the gulf and eastern coasts, and even a stint as KSTP’s “Mr. Weather”, Dennis Feltgen was a large part of our local media culture for the better part of a generation. Today in addition to being a frequent contributor of footage to tcmedianow, Dennis Feltgen is Public Affairs Officer and Meteorologist for NOAA in Miami and happily married to a native Minnesotan.


J OBrien: Dennis Feltgen is a weather legend in the TC, KSTP really lost a great Meteorologist.




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