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KSTP-TV February 16, 1997 (Partial)

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News at at 10, February 17, 1988

KARE-TV News11 Late Coverage of the Twins returning from the AL Championship in Detroit

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Live at Five February 25, 1988

WCCO-TV 5pm Report September 14, 1988 Don Shelby, Colleen Needles, Bud Kraehling

WCCO-TV: Newsday First Edition, Marcia Fluer and Dave Nimmer, August 18, 1986

WCCO-TV 10pm Report May 13, 1987 Pat Miles, Don Shelby, Mark Rosen, Mike Fairbourne

WCCO-TV 5pm Report August 22, 1985 Dave Moore, Debbie Ely, Bud Kraehling, Tom Hanneman

WCCO-TV 10pm Report August 21, 1987 Don Shelby, Debbie Ely, Mike Fairbourne, Ralph Jon Fritz

WCCO-TV 6pm News October 9, 1991 Dave Moore Coverage of Twins/Blue Jays American League Playoffs