WCCO-TV 10pm Report October 10, 1987 Debbie Ely, Mike Walcher, Dr. Walt Lyons, Tony Parker

WCCO-TV 10pm Report May 16, 1981 Mike Walcher, Ann Rubenstein, Dr. Walt Lyons, Mark Rosen

WCCO-TV 6pm Report October 3, 1987 Mike Walcher and Debbie Ely

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WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1978 DFL Convention

Twins World Series Game #1 Post Game Coverage and News KSTP October 17, 1987

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KARE-TV: 1992 Ice Palace Coverage lighting and fireworks

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Update from March 19, 1983 Dennis Bounds, Dave Dahl, Larry Burnett

WTCN-TV Probe: Stuart A. Lindman interviews Hitler biographer John Toland October 29, 1977

1983 KSTP Lions Hearing Telethon featuring KQRS jocks Wally Walker, Mesa Kincaid, and Lynne Wells

1991 Halloween Blizzard Day 3 Coverage: KSTP, WCCO

WCCO-TV 10pm Report from October 11, 1987 Mike Walcher, Debbie Ely, Dr. Walt Lyons, Tony Parker

Vikings Report with Tony Parker from 1975

Tom and TCMediaNow featured on “The Stan Turner Show” KLBB-AM July 28, 2011

After hours storm coverage on WCCO from 1987