Kirby Puckett

WCCO-TV Post 1987 World Series Game 7 Coverage, October 25, 1987

WCCO-TV October 4, 1987, 10pm

Twins World Series 1991 Game 6 Coverage Full News October 26, 1991

KARE-TV Pat Miles Special Susan Greenwood Olson, Julia Duffy, Medugorie, Kirby Puckett

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Update October 18, 1987 Stan Turner, Ruth Spencer

WCCO-TV Coverage of Minnesota Twins return to the Metodome after 1987 American League Championship

KARE-TV News 11 at 5 Twins win the American League Pennant October 12, 1987

1985 Twins TV Spots and Promotions

KSTP-TV “We’re the Team!” 1984 promotion (Baseball in the Metrodome with Kirby Puckett and the Twins)