WCCO-TV 10pm Report (First few minutes) with Don Shelby and Mike Walcher from December 1979, plus commercials for CBS News and more

WTCN NewsCenter 11 from February 29, 1980 Stan Bohrman, Glen Burns, and Tom Ryther

WCCO-TV 10pm Report January 24, 1981 Mike Walcher, Ann Rubenstein, Mark Rosen, Dr. Walt Lyons

WCCO-TV 10pm Report January 20, 1980 (most of broadcast) Mike Walcher, Skip Loescher

KSTP Eyewitness News at 10 from April 28, 1980 Ron Magers, Roy Finden, Bob Bruce

WCCO 10pm Report from September 30, 1980 (first 10 minutes)

WCCO-TV News 10pm Report Weekend February 23rd 1980