KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Update February 22, 1988 Stan Turner

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Live at Five February 25, 1988

KARE-TV 10pm News February 16, 1991 Paul Magers, Diana Pierce, Ken Barlow, Tom Ryther

KSTP Eyewitness News Update (partial) from February 24, 1985

KSTP’s Good Company: February 28, 1985 Steve Edelman and Neil Murray

KSTP’s Good Company February 10, 1983 Bob Bruce, Jolene Benoit, Gary Lumpkin

KSTP’s Good Company March 18, 1983 Bob Bruce, Sharon Anderson

WCCO-TV 5pm Report from February 16, 1984 Don Shelby, Ann Rubenstein, Bud Kraehling, Ralph Jon Fritz, Mike Walcher

ABC 20/20 Report on TV Meteorologists including Paul Douglas from February 1987

Moore on Sunday with Dave Moore, Dave talks to Bud Kraehling on ending his daily weather duties after 45 years

Paul Douglas on ABC News Nightline February 1983

Paul Douglas on “Rejoice” February 1984

KSTP-TV’s Late Night News February 18, 1981

KSTP’s Twin Cities Today with John Hines from February 10, 1981

KMSP Prime Time News from February 11, 1986 with Rod Grams and Heather Harden

WTCN NewsCenter 11 from February 29, 1980 Stan Bohrman, Glen Burns, and Tom Ryther