WCCO-TV Bedtime Story with Dave Moore on Al Quie

The Facts as we Know Them, Brian Lambert, David Carr, Nick Coleman, Adam Platt, December 1986

WCCO-TV “Son of Bed Time News” December 30, 1973 Dave Moore, Al Austin, Bud Kraehling

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KSTP-TV Twin Cities Live Smokers vs. Non-Smokers, December 1986

WCCO’s Walt Disney World Christmas Special, November 1987

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WCCO-TV: The Wonderful World of a Four Year Old, December 1974

KSTP-TV 10 o’clock Report December 6, 1968, John MacDougall

KARE-TV News11 at 10 from December 28, 1986 Joan Steffend, Kevin MacDowell, Sally Patrick, Jeff Passolt

WTCN-TV (now KARE) On set interview with Dave Unzicker on leaving Poland during marhsall law, Bernie Grace feature on people of Poland

WCCO-TV 10pm Report December 31, 1985 Mike Walcher, Dr. Walt Lyons, Tony Parker

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KSTP-TV Good Company December 6, 1982 Bob Bruce and June Lindsay