Andria Shaine

WUSA (KARE) July 16, 1985 10pm (Post All Star Game Coverage)

WUSA (KARE) Pre-Game Show of the 1985 All Star Game July 16, 1985

WUSA (KARE) January 28, 1986 10pm, Challenger Explosion Coverage

WUSA (KARE) All Star Eve, MLB All Star Game at the Metrodome! July 15, 1985

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 22, 1986

KARE-TV News11 at 10 August 13, 1988

KARE-TV News11 at 10 April 18, 1987

KARE-TV News11 September 9, 1986 John Bachman and Roy Finden

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 20, 1986 John Bachman, Roy Finden

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 27, 1986 Randy Shaver, Roy Finden

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 26, 1986 Dennis Stauffer, Roy Finden, Andria Shaine

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise September 4, 1986 John Bachman, Roy Finden, Steve Carroll

WTCN-TV (KARE) News11 at 10 November 19, 1984 Paul Magers, Diana Pierce, Tom Ryther, Paul Douglas

KARE-TV (WUSA-TV) Sunrise November 29, 1985 Kevin MacDowell, Andria Shaine, Barry Finn, Steve Carroll

KARE-TV News11 Sunrise August 25, 1986 Dennis Stauffer, Andria Shaine, Roy Finden

WTCN-TV (now KARE) News11 at 10pm from September 13, 1984 Paul Magers, Paul Douglas, Marty Burns Wolfe